Welcome to John and Trent's website. Here is a little bit about ourselves.

Trent and John
   We love to play catch and shoot a few hoops once in a while at John's house. We always go through his cross country trail to see what is new back there. We are really good friends and like to do a bunch of our projects and activities together.
    I am going to tell you a little bit about Trent. He loves basketball and loves to play ncca basketball 2011. He is always outsides and is very active. He loves to play tackle football in his front yard and loves to dunk on his tiny hoop outside. Trent is all about Basketball he watches it every night and plays it every chance he gets.
     Ok now I am going to tell you about John. He likes to build huge logos like cars and other monuments. He also likes watching football. His favorite team is the Indianapolis Colts. He has been traveling with his grandparents between the US and Europe. He told me his favorite place was the Netherlands because of the food and huge windmills.